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Małgorzata – Pruszków, Poland, 2018

I felt progressively worse and I was always tired. I would wake up tired even after a long night sleep. I had increasing difficulties with concentration and memory. I was not able to focus on any conversation, I would forget basic things, I was confused and lethargic, and in order to function, I drank a lot of coffee.
Earlier, for some time I was on steroids because of the low number of white blood cells, which was due to my condition – connective tissue disease. However taking steroids did not improve the number of my white blood cells, instead, I started suffering from joint pain, dry skin, burning of the conjunctiva and dry mouth. I started looking for help on my own.
On the internet I found the article by Dr. Andrzej Janus about Candida fungal infection.
The symptoms described in the article were very similar to those that I had been struggling with for a long time.
To cut the long story short, I contacted Doctor Janus and he prescribed the treatment for me. I applied special diet and detoxified my body from toxins, I supplemented vitamins and minerals and I also took natural antifungal preparations. In two years I managed to get rid of mycosis and the functioning of my immune system progressively improved. The level of white blood cells become normal. Will this improvement last? Well, it will depend on my lifestyle. I believe, however, that I will not return to my old eating habits.

Thank you Doctor Andrzej Janus, for your knowledge and your methods of treatment that helped me restore my strength, and well-being, and improved my blood count results.

Believe me; Doctor Janus?s treatment works. I wish success and perseverance to other patients seeking help in saving their health.


Teresa – Poland, 2018

I would like to share my experiences regarding my sickness that was diagnosed by doctor Andrzej JANUS. Many specialists whom I had visited before that over several years, left me undiagnosed and without hope for recovery. Medical tests that they prescribed did not show any reasons for the progressive deterioration of my health. The list of symptoms was getting longer and longer. To mention just a few; sore throat, stomach ache, persistent cough , runny nose, fatigue, tinnitus, difficulty breathing, sinusitis and stuffy nose, lack of concentration, chronic constipation, mood swings, depression, anxiety, unexplainable weight gain, food allergy, and others. Those symptoms were changing in intensity off and on. Feeling helpless, I told my friend about my problems and she brought me a book titled ” Nie daj sie zjesc grzybom Candida? (Do not let eat Candida fungi eat you up).
After reading this book, I immediately contacted the author, Doctor Andrzej Janus, who after a thorough medical interview diagnosed me with systemic Candida fungi infection, gastrointestinal mycosis, respiratory mycosis, Aspergillus Niger infection, chronic streptococcal infection and parasitic infections of human roundworm and intestinal hookworm. Those diagnoses were made successively and to me they sounded terrifying, however, they turned out to be very true. In short, he nailed the problem with perfect accuracy.
Naturally, I started the treatment immediately. The treatment consisted of detoxification and a special diet without sugar and its products, milk and its products and without white flour and its products. I used herbal preparations, vitamins and minerals. I followed all the recommendations with diligence and discipline. The treatment took two years. I felt progressively better until I fully recovered.
Currently, I feel very good, I still keep my healthy diet according to Doctor Janus?s recommendations. I lost weight and regained the joy of life. I am healthy and very grateful to Doctor Andrzej JANUS for giving me my health back. I congratulate him on this great knowledge which he uses for the benefit of many people. I wish him further successes in this field.

Grateful patient Teresa


mgr. Helena J. – Jičín, Czech Republic, 2018


Massive systemic Candida fungi infection for eight years – in the blood, lymph, intestines and reproductive organs. In the Czech Republic I couldn’t find a doctor who could help me effectively. Thanks to the book that I found on the internet: “Do not let Candida fungi eat you up”, I found the author Doctor Andrzej Janus. I contacted Doctor Janus by e-mail, and then I met him in his office. Treatment took place in several stages. The first stage was the elimination of parasites, the second stage was the elimination of Candida fungi.
Doctor Janus is a very hard-working and helpful person. He is highly professional and very well specialized, with excellent bedside manners. He uses natural products without any side effects on the body. I finished the treatment a year and a half ago. I feel great, and the proof of this was my problem-free pregnancy and the birth of a perfectly healthy child, which would have been impossible without that treatment. I have not contacted the doctor since then, but he treated my older children. I do not know anyone else who understands this problem.

He saved my life and he helped our children and I thank him very much for that.

Osm let masivní obsazení těla houbou candida. Krev,limfa, střevo, rodidla.V ČR nenacházím lékaře, který by mi byl schopen efektivně pomoci. Díky knize, kterou jsou objevila na internetu: ?Nebuď potravou pro houbu candida?, jsem vyhledala autora knihy. Dr. Januse.
Pana doktora Januse jsem kontaktovala pomocí e-mailu a on mi následně vyhověl termínem návštěv u něho v ordinaci.Léčba probíhala v několika etapách. První, antiparazitární kůra a nesledně likvidace houby candida. Doktor Janus je velmi pečlivý, vstřícný, vysoce specializovaný odborník s lidským přístupem,který lečí přírodními produkty,bez vedlejších nežádoucích účinků léčby pro tělo.
Po jeden a půl roce mě z léčebného programu vypouští. Já se cítím výborně a důkazem toho bylo bezproblémové těhotenství a narození naprosto zdravého dítěte, což by bez léčby bylo nemožné.  S panem doktorem jsem i nedále v kontaktu, léčil mi i starší děti. Neznám nikoho jiného, kdo by více tomuto problému rozuměl.

Zachránil mi život, pomohl našim dětem a já mu nesmírně děkuji.”


Anna – USA , 2017

When for many months I was experiencing severe gastrointestinal disorders and I could not eat anything at all, specialists who I saw to seek help, conducted a number of clinical tests, including endoscopy and colonoscopy, and then they recommended that I find a good psychiatrist.
I was left alone without help. I found a doctor in Poland who diagnosed me with Candida fungal infection and prescribed drugs, however, he did not recommend any diet or any additional remedies. I felt better, but it didn?t last long. The infection relapsed, attacked my entire body and led to the aggressive development of autoimmune disease.
Conventional treatment consisted of administering immunosuppressive drugs. I began to feel worse and worse, the disease was progressing more and more rapidly. New autoimmune conditions started to appear. At some point I was diagnosed with six of them. . Doctors kept increasing my dose of immunosuppressive drugs, which led me to a state of sepsis and a huge permanent damage to my body. The immune system functions got severely impaired. I couldn?t move around without help, I barely produced white blood cells, my body was covered with blotches. I was rushed to the hospital. There was so much damage in my entire body that I was dying.
And then on the internet I found an article about Candida fungal infection, posted on Doctor Janus?s website. I made contact with him and thanks to his help I began coming back to life. When I cleansed the body from parasites and fungi, the autoimmune and inflammatory reactions began to decrease, the functioning of the immune system improved. Currently, my disease is in remission, inflammatory reactions are within the range. For years, I have been applying the right diet and supplementation. It became my lifestyle. Thanks to this, I regain some mobility. I enjoy my life.
My only regret is that the book ?Do not let Candida fungi eat you up? by doctor Andrzej Janus, did not appear in my life at the beginning of the disease. If that had happened, I would be completely healthy now.

Joanna – Poland, 2018 r.

A very good doctor! Full professionalism and tremendous knowledge.
After a surgery I took some antibiotics and then I started having health problems. None of the doctors considered that I may be infected with Candida. I spent over 3 months in doctors? offices and in hospital trying to get diagnosed, and I always received the same information: ?must be some side effects of the antibiotics”. Within a month after starting the treatment according to Doctor Janus’s instructions, there was a huge improvement in my well-being. Further advice on diet and supplements led to my full recovery in the course of several months. Thanks to Doctor Janus, I was finally diagnosed, and I understood what caused the problems in my digestive tract, that made me suffer for years. He is a very reasonable, calm, and composed person. He will explain everything and he does not make hasty decisions. He always conducts a thorough medical interview with the patient before deciding on a diagnose and recommending the treatment.


Bożena ? Częstochowa, Poland, 2018 r.

I made appointment to see doctor Andrzej Janus in his office because of persistent diarrhea, abdominal pain and irritability that had been tormenting me for 2 years at that time. My previous visits to gastroenterologists had not resulted in any improvement in my health, and they were becoming tiresome. I was repeatedly diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which made me very discouraged but still determined to seek help on my own as I lost 15 kg.

In Dr. Janus’s office I found out that my ailments were caused by the highest degree of Candida fungal infection, not only in the digestive tract but also in the nervous system.

The visit was conducted in a very nice atmosphere. The doctor explained the causes of my ailments and the stages of the treatment. For the very first time, in a doctor?s office I was asked about my lifestyle and my eating habits, etc. I was very pleasantly surprised by the fact that the doctor spent 1.5 hour with me and explained so much about my illness. No doctor ever before had shown such thoroughness or presented such vast knowledge as doctor Janus did. I got my medicines and important tips about diet and nutrition. I feel good now, all the ailments went away. I recommend seeing doctor Andrzej Janus to everyone who suffers from various health issues. I have had several follow up visits with him, and every time I learn something new and interesting. I also get a lot of tips and recommendations regarding every problem raised during each visit. Since the very first visit in his office, my life has become brighter.

For many ailments – the only medicine is Dr. Andrzej Janus.