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Anna Gadowska – MS in nursing, Nurse Practitioner, ANMED – Zdunska Wola, Poland, 2018

Doctor Andrzej Janus, who is a graduate of the Military Medical University in Poland, has been working in our practice for years. Throughout his career in the conventional medicine field, he worked in the military and civilian health services. In 1994 he retired from the military and since then has dedicated his practice to natural medicine, including nutrition, homeopathy and the use of dietary and herbal supplements. He completed a two-year, second-degree course in homeopathy for medical practitioners and pharmacists as well as several special courses in human biochemistry. He is a prominent authority in the field of treating Candida mycosis, as well as in the vast range of other issues related to improper functioning of the human body. Currently in his practice he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with the people, and to teaching them the principles of extensive prevention in order to restore and maintain their health. He is the author of the books:” Do not let Candida Fungi eat you up” and “Focus on your health”.

Now, a few words about myself. My name is Anna Gadowska. I am a nurse practitioner. For 15 years I have been working in the field of natural medicine, focusing on, and specializing in diagnosing and eliminating Candida Fungi and other parasitic infections, as well as treating other diseases, directly and indirectly related to those infections.

In working with my patients to restore their healthy balance, I attach great importance to the implementation of the principles of healthy diet and nutrition, and the use of appropriate dietary supplements if necessary. I am currently attending courses on biochemical functioning of the body. I completed a course for medical practitioners in the field of nutritional supplements and their use for both treatment and prevention purposes. I also completed a course in regulatory medicine, which is a method of diagnosing and eliminating disorders in the functioning of the body, by using the knowledge and achievements of biophysics and biomedicine.
Both in diagnostics and in therapy I use a medical device that is based on the physical law of cellular bio-resonance. For 13 years I have been working with Doctor Andrzej Janus, who taught me how to practically use my knowledge to help my patients in treatment and prevention, in order to restore and maintain their health. Doctor Janus recommends me to work as his successor, after he has retired, which is a great honorable distinction for me.
It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to see healthy, joyful and happy people who no longer have to start the day by swallowing a handful of medications meant as a cure ?for everything?.


Anna G.