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Nie daj się zjeść grzybom Candida

Title: Do not let Candida Fungi eat you up
Author: Andrzej Janus
Edition: I, 15.11.2011
ISBN: 978-83-93081-56-1
Pages: 280
Product Dimensions: 145 x 205 mm
Cover: Paperback
Language: Polish
Price: 29,90 zł
Publisher: IPS Publishing House

We live in strange times, when most of the population is infected with Candida Fungi, and conventional medical doctors do not want to take note of this fact. They diagnose diseases caused by fungi as bacterial infections and treat them with antibiotics, which causes the fungi infection to spread further in the body. As a result, many patients fall into a vicious cycle from which they cannot find a way out.
Based on experience from several years of medical practice I have developed my own, unconventional way of treating diseases caused by Candida Fungi infections. This book is the only such publication in Poland, and probably also in the world in which so comprehensively I presented causes, symptoms, and - most importantly - ways to treat diseases caused by Candida fungi, using methods of natural medicine. The knowledge contained in the book allows ordinary mortals to recover from this terrible disease on their own, without the help of conventional medicine, and even ... in defiance of conventional medicine.


  1. Kingdom of fungi
  2. Candida Yeast and Candida Fungi
  3. Candida Colon
  4. Systemic Mycosis
  5. Treatment of Systemic Mycosis
  6. Fungal infections of the digestive system
  7. Fungal infection of the respiratory tract
  8. Laryngological Fungal diseases
  9. Fungal diseases of CNS (brain)
  10. Hypertension
  11. Fungal infection of the Mixed Connective Tissues
  12. Fungal infections of the urinary tract
  13. Fungal infection of female reproductive organs
  14. Fungal infection of the male reproductive organs
  15. Fungal infections in children
  16. Autism in children
  17. Fungal infections of the mouth
  18. Fungal infections of the skin
  19. Fungal infection of the skin appendages
  20. Fungal infection as a cause of autoimmune diseases
  21. Menopause
  22. Glaucoma
  23. Psoriasis
  24. Asthma
  25. Symptoms in fungal treatment
  26. Diet in systemic fungal infection
  27. Infant diet in the treatment of fungal infection
  28. Treatment of fungal infection in pregnant women
  29. Diet of a nursing mother in the treatment of fungal infection
  30. Diagnostic methods in fungal infections
  31. How not to get eaten up by Candida Fungi
  32. Diet in fungal infection treatment; Recipes