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Welcome to the website dedicated to natural and holistic approach to disease prevention and health promotion, through alternative remedies, nutrition and healthy eating. And now, a brief introduction of myself.
My name is Andrzej Janus, I graduated from the Military Medical Academy in Lodz, Poland (now Medical University of Lodz), Year: 1976. Throughout my career I worked in both military and civil healthcare systems. My Medical Specialty is Pediatrics. In 1994 I retired from the Military, but I continued working as a pediatrician in civil healthcare. At that time I took interest in alternative and holistic medicine, nutritional and herbal supplements, as well as homeopathic remedies. I completed a two-year, second-degree course in homeopathy for medical practitioners and pharmacists as well as several special courses in human biochemistry, both at Medical University of Lodz, Poland.
In 2001 I stopped practicing mainstream medicine and I entirely dedicated myself to alternative medicine and holistic approach to health promotion. My experiences from practicing natural medicine are presented in my books and on this website.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this website represents my views only. It is strictly for general information, and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Your use of this website and any information contained herewith is entirely at your own responsibility. I shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage caused by using this website.

I am looking for a Publisher to publish the English version of my book “Do not let Candida Fungi eat you up”

Conventional or alternative ?

After twenty years of practicing as a pediatrician, I noticed with dismay that the health of my patients, who were being treated for allergic and infectious diseases was progressively getting worse, despite the use of the latest pharmacotheraphy. I came to the conclusion that either I had been making mistakes, or standard treatment used in healthcare was inappropriate. I began to thoroughly analyze the problem. As the basis for my analysis, I chose to look at bronchial asthma, because it may serve as a typical example of a disease that is treated symptomatically. I will not describe the etiology of asthma and the effects that this disease has on the body, but I will focus on how it is treated. I came to the conclusion that all medicines manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry to treat this condition merely treat the symptoms and do not cure the disease. They partially alleviate the effects of a progressive disease process. They may delay the irreversible changes within the respiratory tract and indirectly in the circulatory system.

Here are some examples:

 Antibiotics are used to eliminate the infection that occurs during the course of the disease. They are used commonly and irresponsibly, even in cases of minor upper respiratory tract infections. Antibiotics fight pathogenic bacteria, but at the same time they destroy the natural bacterial flora of the colon, causing microbial imbalance in the intestinal flora. This often leads to the proliferation of Candida Yeast, which during the weakening of the immune system turn into fungi. Fungi produce the mycelium, which affects all body tissues, and bronchial asthma is accompanied by a new disease- Candida Fungi infection (Candidiasis). In addition antibiotics act as?prosthesis? because they weaken the immune system and deactivate the body?s natural defense mechanisms from fighting infection. A well-functioning organism, including the immune system should eliminate bacteria in the initial period of expansion of the infection throughout the body. Therefore doctors in the initial phase of infection development should focus mainly on observation, and help the patient only in the event of significant immune system dysfunction. Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical doctors made us believe that an antibiotic is the only way to combat all infectious diseases. Very few people seem aware that our body is itself able to combat most diseases, and that it also has a great potential and capability for self-repair and self-regulation. Nobody cares for the society to be informed and educated about health prevention as well as risks associated with the increasingly widespread use of chemical pharmaceutical drugs. In my opinion, antibiotics should be used only in exceptional cases, when we are dealing with a disorder of the immune system and threatening complications associated with the development of the infection.
In order to reduce the inflammation of the bronchi and bronchioles pharmaceuticals such as antihistamines and steroids are used. They reduce swelling of the mucous membrane lining on the inside wall of the bronchi and thus, by increasing their permeability facilitate breathing. So they do not treat the causes of the swelling, but reduce the severity of the symptoms, which it produces.
For the removal of viscous mucus forming in the process of bronchial inflammation, all kinds of chemical and vegetable preparations are used. They also have only a symptomatic effect, and do not remove the causes for its formation in excessive quantities.
Preparations relaxing contractions of bronchial walls caused by a cascade of progressive allergic reaction, are also strictly addressing the symptoms. These are the short or long acting, often life- saving drugs.

The patient with bronchial asthma, using the above-mentioned drugs under medical supervision, is condemned to their use at higher and higher dosages for the rest of his life. A following question may arise: Can this disease be cured? If we take into account the fact that asthma is not a disease but a symptom, thus eliminating its root and underlying cause, can lead to a total recovery or at least should improve overall health in case of permanent changes in the cardiopulmonary system. Studies on homeopathic medicines, have taught me a different perspective on the problem of a disease. A homeopathic doctor is to determine which condition was a primary source of the disease, and which was the result of it. It is difficult but possible to determine. I managed to successfully cure many cases of asthma in children, which according to modern medicine seems to be unlikely.

A basic condition for a full recovery of health is:

– Changing the diet and adjusting it to the individual metabolic rate as well as to the way in which the body digest the nutrients.
– Cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract through the unblocking of intestinal villi involved in the process of absorption of nutrients.
– Removal of parasites and possibly fungi.
– Removing accumulated toxins throughout the body, but mainly in the parenchymal organs – liver, kidneys, and spleen.
– Purification of the circulatory system of the calcium deposits and cholesterol buildup. They reduce the diameter of arteries and veins, leading to deteriorating nourishing and oxygenation of tissues.
– Supplementing the diet in micro and macro elements, and if necessary in vitamins, vegetable compounds, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids.

Analyzing treatments for most diseases, I came to the sad conclusion that they do not cure their causes, but just address their symptoms. Unfortunately neither doctors nor their patients are aware of that. Advertisements in the media urge people to treat symptoms of headache, fever, symptoms associated with menopause etc. etc. This is constant encouragement for the mass consumption of chemical preparations that are dangerous to health. Most of them are available in pharmacies without a prescription and no one is interested in the consequences of their consumption. Chronic accumulation in the body of those drugs eventually weakens our immune system. Sooner or later it will become the reason for chronic diseases (known as diseases of civilization), and subsequent visits to doctors. The next set of symptomatic medication is prescribed to eliminate the previous symptoms and the next, and so on, and so on…
With the “progress” of the treatment, the number of negative symptoms increases.

I was totally unaware of that during my entire career as a doctor practicing conventional medicine.